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Issuance of "DVD Download Disc for CSS Managed Recording" Specifications
March 2007
The DVD Forum has developed new DVD Specifications "DVD Download Disc for CSS Managed Recording" ("DVD-Download"), which specify a write-once media to record CSS encrypted DVD-Video contents via download.
The DVD-Download disc employs 2x wobble signal and CSS applicable Lead-in area, which generally differs from the DVD-R for General disc.
Since the DVD-Download disc is a derivative of the DVD-R for General disc, the DVD Forum has decided to define the DVD-Download Specifications as an Optional Specification of the DVD-R for General Specifications initially. In the future, it is planned that the DVD-Download Specifications, with any improvement or update of the specifications, will become a new Main Book that is independent of the DVD-R for General Book.

Considering the future upgrade to the Main Book of new category, DVD Forum and DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation have also decided to establish the Format/Logo License for DVD-Download independent of the License for DVD-R for General starting from the issuance of the Optional Specification.

Therefore, the Optional Specification Book "DVD Download Disc for CSS Managed Recording" is not attached to the DVD-R for General Book, but provided separately from the DVD-R for General Book at $500 per copy. The subscribed Optional Specification Book will be upgraded to the Main Book without extra charge, when it is issued.
Please note that DVD-R for General Book is not necessary to obtain the Format/Logo License for DVD-Download.

Your understanding will be appreciated.

If your company has not subscribed to any DVD Format Books, please see For Non-Book subscribers.
If your company is a Book subscriber, please refer to the Additional Order Sheet to place an order for DVD-Download Optional Specification Book.
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