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DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation (DVD FLLC) authorizes the use of the DVD FORMATS created by DVD Forum and DVD LOGO trademark registered world-wide by DVD FLLC. Only licensed manufacturers may display the logo on products that have passed strict format verification tests by the Class A Verification Laboratories around the world. With such stringent control, the DVD Logo is the mark of assurance for better compliance of DVD products everywhere. DVD FLLC truly appreciates the licensees’ understanding, cooperation and support for the FORMAT/LOGO LICENSE and VERIFICATION PROGRAM, which helps DVD FORMAT products benefit consumers by constantly adhering to the world’s highest standard.
List of Verified licensees
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The DVD Format/Logo License Agreement requires Licensees to undertake Verifications in accordance with Article 4 thereof. This web page provides in alphabetical order a list of the Licensees to whom DVD FLLC can confirm the Confirmations of Verification having been issued from the Class A Verification Laboratories of the DVD Forum (Class A Labs).
Please note the following qualifications:
This list provides the name of the Licensee for whom Verification was successfully completed prior to January 1, 2015.
Although this list is updated from time to time, it is not necessarily complete or up-to-date.
This list contains only the names of the Licensees and does not contain the names of any Affiliates of the Licensees.
This list is based on information provided by the Class A Verification Laboratories of the DVD Forum (Class A Lab) and is provided on this web site for reference only. RELIANCE ON THE INFORMATION PROVIDED HEREIN IS AT THE USER'S OWN RISK. NO RIGHTS CAN BE CLAIMED ON THE BASIS OF THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN. The DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation, its affiliates, and their respective employees, shareholders, directors and other corporate officers shall not be liable in any way for any errors or omissions contained herein, or otherwise in connection with the information provided on this web site.
Licensees are encouraged to inform the DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation of any errors they may find in the information contained herein.
No inquiries regarding individual products will be responded to, and no information other than what is contained herein will be provided. DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation reserves the right to change the design and contents of this web page at anytime without prior notice.
The listing of the Verified Licensees is entirely at the discretion of DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation. DVD FLLC reserves the right to discontinue the listing, as deemed necessary. R15-0401, V15-0601 R15-0401, V15-0601
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