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As of December 2013
Format Conformance Test of DVD Products - "Market Inspection 2013"
Needless to say, for the world standard products like “DVD”, the format compliance is always important because it secures good compatibility and interoperability between such standard products. It surely serves the benefits and interests of consumers and related industries. In order to monitor and keep the format compliance in the markets with regard to DVD, DVD FLLC has periodically and voluntarily carried out the Market Inspection (“MI”), a conformance test of DVD products collected by random sampling in the markets under necessary supports by the DVD Class-A Verification Laboratories.
The tests are conducted under certain parameters in the Test Specifications, which the Licensees use for mandatory Verification of their DVD Products.
The following list shows the products selected for MIs in the past over 10 years:
DVD-Video disc and DVD-Audio disc
DVD-Video disc, DVD-Audio disc and DVD-Video player
DVD-Video disc, DVD-Audio disc, DVD-R disc and DVD-Video player
DVD-RAM disc, DVD-RW disc, DVD-R disc, DVD-Video player and DVD-Audio player
DVD Recordable discs (R/RW/RAM) and drives
DVD-Video player
DVD Video recorder
DVD-Video discs (bundled with publications), DVD-R DL disc and DVD-R SL 16x disc
DVD-Video player (with BD playback functionality)
DVD-Video player (with BD playback functionality)
DVD-Video player (with BD playback functionality)
DVD-Video player (with BD playback functionality)
Now, MI2013 is in operation. The subject product is the DVD-Video player (with/without the BD playback functionality). Also, the MI for DVD-Video discs has been planned and under way. The inspection includes a number of important technical items from the physical and file-system formats. The results will be used as reference for the future MI as well.
Should there be the product that has a non-compliant technical item found by the MI, then, DVD FLLC contacts its manufacturer-Licensee and asks for improvement.
A summary and overview of the MI2013 results will be provided in “Subscriber only” page on the DVD FLLC’s web-site, once the MI is completed in the near future.
Again, DVD FLLC thinks that this MI activity well serves the benefits and interests of consumers and DVD industries. All Licensees' understanding and cooperation would be much appreciated.
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