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For Licensees
In order for us to keep you updated, we request that you notify us whenever your information changes. If there are any changes to your contact window or your company name and/or structure, please fill in and return the Contact Information Change Form or Company Name Change Form below. You may send it to us by e-mail. For your notification of other changes or further inquiries, please contact us.
Contact Information Change Form (doc:47KB)
Company Name Change Form (doc:70KB)
Also, if you wish to apply for additional license(s), please fill in and return the Application for Additional License / Product Category(ies) [ANNEX E of License Agreement] below by e-mail (license@dvdfllc.co.jp). Upon receipt, we will prepare the Letter Agreement to add the new Product Category(ies) to your existing DVD Format/Logo License.
Application for Additional License / Product Category(ies)[ANNEX E of License Agreement] (doc:51KB)
It is strongly requested that only the Contact Person of each company contact us regarding any change, to avoid miscommunication or confusion. Thank you.
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