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Self-Test Reminder for "Next Production Model"
Dear Licensees,
  The DVD Format/Logo License Agreement specifies the Verification Program in Article 4 and Annex B for ensuring better compliance of the DVD Products.
Once “First Production Model” have passed Format Verification tests by the Class A Verification Laboratories, Licensee is required to test Next Production Model at its own quality assurance facility using the Verification Tools and in accordance with procedures set forth in the Test Specification.
Next Production Models of each DVD Product are defined in the applicable Test Specification which is downloadable from DVD FLLC’s website.
Verification Tool information can be referred to each Test Specification. Visit the DVD Forum’s website to find the contact information of each Test Tool supplier.
If you have difficulty in finding the applicable Test Tools for your DVD Product or need further assistance, please contact verification@dvdfllc.co.jp.
DVD FLLC thanks you in advance for your making the best efforts for quality assurance and DVD Format compliance of your DVD Products.
Verification Administrator
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