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As of Oct 1, 2014
New Licensing Program (2015-2019)
DVD FLLC is now accepting Applications for new License (2015-2019).

On December 31, 2014, the current DVD Format/Logo License will expire. If the current Licensee plans to continue the manufacturing of DVD Products beyond this date, or if a company wishes to newly become a manufacturer of DVD Products, the new DVD Format/Logo License is required.
* The Application Form for the new License is now available on DVD FLLC website (see below).
* The new License Program goes into operation from January 1, 2015 and expires on December 31, 2019. Basic terms and conditions of the new License follow suit of the current DVD Format/Logo License.
* The License fee would be JPY1,100,000 per one DVD Format and Product Category, the same as the current License.
* The draft of the new License Agreement is available on DVD FLLC website (see below).
* For your information, our website Licensee List will be renewed in 2015, and unless the renewal process is fully completed and the company is licensed, the company name will not appear on the List. To avoid any ill-effect the gap may cause, such as Customs detention at time of importation, please take note of our information. Your prompt renewal could avoid such complications.
License Agreement (2015-2019) Draft and License Application Form
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0 License Agreement Draft (pdf:404KB)
License Application Form (2015-2019) (doc:279KB)
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For further details, please see DVD Format/Logo License Program (2015-2019)
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