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For Press and Panelists - How to Apply for DVD Logo Use
The Press or Panelist/Speaker who wish to use DVD Logo for the purposes of
1) publications in connection with news/articles about DVD Logo/DVD Format, or
2) presentation at a seminar/conference etc.,
please follow the Guidance for Application below.
The Application below. does not apply to other purposes of DVD Logo use than the above 1) and 2). In such a case, please refer to "Who may use DVD Logo"
Guidance for Application
1) Please contact us at logoinfo@dvdfllc.co.jp so that we will send you the STATEMENT form.
2) If you comply with its terms, please complete and return the STATEMENT.
3) On receipt of your completed STATEMENT, we will study and inform you via E-mail of whether your application is acceptable.
4) If the Application is acceptable, we will attach the subject Logo data with the above acceptance letter.
DVD FLLC reserves the right to approve or disapprove the use of the Logo by non-licensees. Any misrepresented or inappropriate use of the Logo may result in the termination of the approval.
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